August 2, 2020 - At this time we do not have any puppies available.

I have received numerous inquiries about our late fall litter  for which I am very appreciative.  Please note this pregnancy is unconfirmed at this time.    

With every planned breeding there is uncertainty:    

       - Will my girl be pregnant?  

       - What sex will the puppies be?  

       - How many puppies will she have?

Because of these unknowns,  I encourage you to research multiple breeders.    A great resource for available puppies is Yankee Golden Retriever Club Breeder Referral; which can be reached by entering the following into your search engine:

You are welcome to inquire about  our late fall 2020  litter plans.  Please send your inquiry for additional information.

I hope you are all doing well during these turbulent times.  Stay safe and wear your masks!



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